Feroz Khan -the actor and filmmaker who made every movie a style statement

Feroz Khan, the actor and filmmaker who made every movie a style statement, Feroz Khan brought the wild west to Bollywood with his leather boots, hats and cigars, and he did it with swag. Also bring the Disco Music in Indian Films.

Feroz Khan probably always knew he was meant to be a style icon.

He entered the film industry in 1959 with Didi, but went on to play supporting roles for a few years. It was only after 1965’s Oonche Log that he began to be more conspicuous. He soon made a name for himself as an actor, director and producer, with films like Safar (1970), Apradh (1972), KhoteSikkay (1974), Dharmatma (1975), Qurbani (1980), Janbaaz (1986) Dayavan (1988)  Yalgaar (1992),Premaggan(1988) Janasheen (2003)among others.

 Guns, horses, bikes, leather jackets, bold, gorgeous women in slinky dresses singing in nightclubs, cowboy hats —Many people says that  he ( Feroz Khan ) redefined Bollywood style.

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